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TEMP/W Demonstration

Geothermal Modelling

CEMATRIX has the ability to perform a wide variety of geothermal designs using TEMP/W, a finite element geothermal modeling software package developed by GEO-SLOPE International in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This powerful program allows the analysis of steady state or transient conditions; therefore, temperatures may be modeled over any time period. Boundary conditions may be defined using actual climatic, convective surface, steady state temperature, or thermosyphon data. Key soil properties such as thermal conductivity, unfrozen water content, volumetric heat capacity, and volumetric water content are also analyzed. In addition, this program features plotting capabilities for viewing of below ground temperature profiles over any time period.

Some examples of projects where thermal modeling is performed are as follows:

  • Shallow Utility Insulation
  • Tank Foundation Systems
  • Pile Cap & Under Module Insulation
  • Shallow Foundation and Slab Insulation
  • Sulphur De-gassing Pit Insulation
  • Insulation below heated buildings in permafrost areas
  • Road Construction over permafrost or frost susceptible soils

TEMP/W Demonstration

The movie shows the output of a geothermal model for a shallow utility insulation design. The different colors represent different materials, and the blue line shows the progression of frost through the freezing season. The frost penetrates well below the utilities in the adjacent soil but not in the insulated area. The effect of the insulation, effectively protecting the utilities from freezing, is evident.


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