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CEMATRIX Cellular Concrete (CCC) is routinely used as a geotechnical insulation for a wide variety of applications including:

  • refinery and heated slabs-on-grade,
  • frost protected shallow foundations that eliminate costly piling,
  • roadways over frost susceptible and permafrost soils,
  • shallow utilities, and
  • insulating caps during thermal remediation of contaminated sites.

CEMATRIX Cellular Concrete (CCC) is used in oil & gas facilities for insulating applications such as frost heave prevention, frost protected shallow foundations, shallow utilities, and insulated above-ground storage tank bases.  Benefits include its high strength, resistance to hydrocarbons, and fire-proof qualities.  CCC can easily be pumped into place from several hundred meters away, enabling rapid installation in congested areas.  If required, CCC can easily be removed by excavator, hydrovac, or hand tools.  

Roadways constructed on frost susceptible soils often experience excessive heave during winter months.  Also, roads built over permafrost can experience massive total and differential settlements as the underlying permafrost thaws.  Cellular concrete can be used in these situations to either insulate to prevent freezing of frost susceptible soils, or minimize heat transfer to and subsequent degradation of underlying permafrost.  Because of its strength, the amount of gravel required for the roadway subbase is greatly reduced or eliminated.  Even when placed near the surface, cellular concrete is not prone to rutting.

Case Studies

Brentwood Light Rail Transit Bus Lane, Calgary, Alberta Franklin Avenue, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Often, due to conflicts with other utilities or shallow groundwater, water and sewer pipes cannot be placed below the design frost penetration depth.  CEMATRIX Cellular Concrete (CCC) is commonly used to insulate these pipes to prevent freezing. The CCC can be cast-in-place in a variety of configurations to meet the specific needs of the project, and there is no need for sand bedding to protect the insulation. 

Cellular concrete is used for site remediation that implements thermal decomposition of contaminants in the soil.  The cellular concrete minimizes thermal heat loss from the soil into the air, facilitates contaminated vapour collection for treatment, and provides a stable platform to work from.  If required, a thin regular concrete cap is placed on top of the cellular concrete to act as a wear surface.    

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