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CEMATRIX Cellular Concrete (CCC) is an innovative construction material consisting of Portland Cement, water, specialized pre-formed foaming agent, and compressed air.  CCC is highly flowable during placement and once the material hardens, it has lightweight, insulating, and energy absorbing properties.  CCC is used for many applications, as follows:

  • Lightweight Backfill – retaining walls, bridge approaches, roadways and runways over soft soil, and slope stabilization.
  • Insulation – refinery slabs, frost protected shallow foundations, heated slabs, shallow utilities, roadways and runways, and thermal remediation of contaminated sites.
  • Grouting & Flowable Backfill – tunnel grouting, sliplining & annular grout, pipe abandonment, and flowable fill.

CEMATRIX was established in 1999 to introduce and promote an advanced, proprietary cellular concrete technology into Western Canada. Since that time, CEMATRIX has completed many hundreds of successful, cost-effective projects in Infrastructure, Commercial Construction, and Industrial Projects throughout North America, ranging from Alaska to Louisiana and Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia. CEMATRIX mobile production units can satisfy small or large project requirements and will produce from 20 to 150 m3 per hour of CCC.  The mobile aspects of this equipment allow rapid response to the changing demands and schedules of the construction industry. 

Continued rapid growth of the demand for CCC in North America is anticipated as the construction industry becomes more familiar with the applications of cellular concrete and CEMATRIX, together with its partners, succeed in taking these numerous infrastructure applications from early market stage development to wide market acceptance.  Our growth strategy incorporates the following components:

  • Industry education – CEMATRIX regularly participates in technical society conferences and provides Learn at Lunch presentations to the construction industry.
  • Technical support - Highly knowledgeable and experienced sales staff, including a resident geotechnical engineer, are available for assistance during the design process.
  • Research and development - We continue to work closely with universities and industry partners to develop new products and applications, and to optimize the utilization of our current technologies.
  • Joint Marketing Agreement with Lafarge Canada Inc. – This relationship ensures high quality materials, strong logistical support, and competitive pricing for our products.
  • Regional Expansion Agreement with Lafarge Canada Inc. - Enables both Companies to expand regional cellular concrete markets in locations that CEMATRIX doesn’t have a presence, but Lafarge does. The first Regional Expansion commenced May 1, 2017.

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